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Written and Directed by Nina May, a renaissance women production

"Life Fine Tuned," filmed entirely in the Commonwealth of Virginia, features undiscovered talent -- from aspiring actors, musicians, and filmmakers.
The movie features original music from several very talented new musicians and bands and has breakout performances from amazingly talented, yet undiscovered actors.
The target market for the movie is the whole family but is designed to appeal to tweens and teens. The rating is a family friendly PG. The entire project was run through the Renaissance Foundation, tax deductible contributions funded this educational project. You can think of what RWP is doing as American Idol for "conservative" actors, cast, crew, musicians and anyone who wants to break into the movie industry, but wants to avoid the pitfalls of mainstream media.

awards & film festivals

BareBones Film Festival 

    Best Family Picture

    Nina May,  Indie Auteur Award Medallion for            Excellence Winner

International Family Film Festival

    Top Applause Award

Chinese American Film Festival

    Official Selection

San Diego Christian Film Festival

     Feature Honorable Mention

American International Film Festival

Best Narrative Feature 

Best Director . . . Nina May

Best Female Director . . . Nina May

Best Actor . . . Josh Murray 

Best Actress . . .Victoria Emmons 

Best First Time Cinematographer . . .  John Cooper

Kids First!

    Official Selection Film & Video Festival

TIVA DC peer awards

    best editor (silver) . . . Nancy Green

    best picture (bronze)

Noir Film Festival

   Best Cutting Edge Film 2005 

   "Emancipation Revelation Revolution"

Liberty Film Festival

​   Official selection 2005

   "Emancipation Revelation Revolution"

review of life fine tuned

 "I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe Life Fine Tuned.The music is fantastic.   

 Victoria is perfect for the part.  I had tears in my eyes many times.  It is so beautiful, and it  highlighted perfectly all the wonderful qualities of life we enjoy in Virginia. I am certain everyone will stand up and cheer when you see this movie."

        Virginia Morton, author of Marching Through Culpeper

Teen reviewer . . .

"I watched Life Fine Tuned and absolutely loved and recommend watching it. It is based on a girl who is famous and who only wants the glamorous things in life. She soon realizes after meeting a faith-based family, and herself being an accident, that life has more to it than the material things. She does a complete change during the film and realizes she should not only do for herself, but others. Overall, I think Life Fine Tuned was a great movie with a great lesson behind it." Ashlynn Keyser, age 15, 10th grade

cast of life fine tuned

at Governor's Mansion in Richmond, Virginia, for the reception and screening hosted by Gov. and Mrs. Bob McDonnell. Watch the movie and see if you can recognize your favorite characters.

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