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Renaissance Women Productions is a non-profit 501c3 organization and a project of the Renaissance Foundation. We have produced award-winning films, documentaries, TV shows, and shorts for the past 10 years. Our mission is working with new and undiscovered talent, to give them the opportunity to break into the film industry. The students, interns, and enthusiasts that have come through the foundation have produced everything from TV shows, to commercials, documentaries, educational, and even feature films.

Trainees have taken part in the production of award winning feature length films like, "Life Fine Tuned", and now in our latest TV project "Daily Bread" the series. They have been trained in every phase of production, from writing scripts and narration, to set and costume design, staging, filming, and editing. They are given the opportunity to be in front of the camera as well as behind it. From pre-production to post, they are even responsible for sound and music in the projects they produce. 



Renaissance Women Productions serves as an incubator for new talent, providing apprenticeship and a chance to then be involved at a higher level on other for-profit productions.

Film enthusiasts and students of all ages are invited from all over the world to be a part of our productions. The opportunity to touch, impact, and bless lives is unparalleled.

Each production is designed as a showcase of their creativity and talent, and will serve as an introduction to the industry, helping to jumpstart careers.

Discovering and cultivating talent is part of this unique non-profit’s mission. 

Renaissance Women Productions is a project of the Renaissance Foundation, a non profit organization. All of your contributions and donations go directly to creating more opportunities.


For over 20 Years We Have Been Opening Up Opportunities